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août 20 @ 10 h 00 minaoût 30 @ 15 h 00 min
hameau de Saint Michel,
Saint Michel de Chaillol, 05260 France

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Cie Egg’s Écho Date : 20 au 30 août à « la ferme Pierrot » Saint Michel de Chaillol 05260 JANUS/KOOS Dans ce lieu dans le Champsaur, nous montrons nos actions artistiques et européennes du 20 au 30 aout 2015. Exposition dessin, peinture, textes. Jeu et fabrication de maquettes de scénographie Public : tout public

The  JANUS/KOOS project is an international meeting of artists, curators, art historians, writers, cinema and music-specialists held in the mountain resort of Champsaur. Their works, discussions and presentations will be devoted to the tradition of the locality, the artists once associated with the commune of Chaillol, as well as its mythology and surrounding nature. Drawing on the history of a this valley and surroundings of the late 19th century when it was an agricultural centre and a source of inspiration, the conference is conceived as an attempt at exploring and investigating the creative potential of the place.

It’s aim is to show the project AL4ED and work of main artists that live and work in this aerea. Identification through body and landscape will be shown and  other painters and filmmakers will join. Absurd theater will be the goal of a play written by Paul André Sagel, put up by specialist Jean Signé and directed by Francis Dombret. Video and photography design by Sylvain Solaro. Set design and coordination by Miene Mathon.

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Art direction : Cie Egg’s Écho



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